Information Sharing Mechanism
on Plant Genetic Resources
of Jamaica

Steering Committee
Participating Institutions
National Focal Point
Data Manager

1st Report (1995)
2nd Report (2007)
National Mechanism Database

Participating Institutions

National Coordinator Contact Person - Address

Institute of Jamaica

Kerron Campbell
Asst. Botanist
10-16 East Street,
(+876)922 0321-6

Ministry of Agriculture

Ms. Joy Crawford
Senior Legal Office
Hope Gardens,
Kingston 6
(+876) 9271371-50

National Coordinator

Mr. Don McGlashan
Ministry of Agriculture
Hope Gardens,
Kingston 6
Tel.: (+876) 9775921

National Environmental Planning Agency

Ms. Yvette Strong
Manager, Biodiversity Unit
10 Caledonia Avenue,
Kingston 5
Tel: (+876) 7547540-5

Northern Caribbean University

Dr. Juliet Bailey-Penrod
Tel:(+876) 5232385

Pimento Export Division

Mr. Gladstone Barrett
P.O. Box 504, Marcus Garvey Drive
(+876) 9238878

Public Gardens and Zoo

Mr. Raymon Ramdon
Hope Gardens P.O. Box 480,
Kingston 6
Tel: (+876) 9271731-50

Research and Development Division

Mr. Michael Pryce
Bodles, Old Harbour,
St. Catherine
Tele: (+876)9832106

Rural Agricultural Development Authority

Ms. Janette Lawrence
Marketing Manager
Hope Gardens,
Kingston 6
Tel: (+876) 9271781

Rural Development, USAID

Mr. Malden Miller
2 Haining Road,
Kingston 5
(+876) 9263645-9

Scientific Research Council

Ms. Sanchia Miller
Hope Gardens,
Kingston 6
Tel: (+876) 9271771-4

Sugar Industry Research Institute

Mr. Uriel Green
Kendal Road, Mandeville,
Tel: (+876) 9622241
University of the West Indies Dr. Sylvia Mitchell
Mona Campus,
Kingston 7
Tel: (+876) 9358519-21

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National Links

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce

Rural Agricultural Development Authority


International Links

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Global Plan of Action for the Conservation and Sustainable use of PGRFA (GPA)

GPA Facilitating Mechanism

Global GPA Monitoring Mechanism

World Information and Early Warming System (WIEWS)

International Treaty on PGRFA

Standard Material Transfer Agreement

Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA)

Biodiversity International (IPGRI)

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

 For more information, please contact:
Mr. Michael Pryce
Mechanism's Curator
Director, Data Bank and Evaluation
Ministry of Agriculture
Hope Gardens, Kinsgton 6, Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (+876)9271206
Mr. Don McGlashan
GPA National Focal Point and Director General,
Technical Services Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture
Hope Gardens, Kingston 6, Jamaica W.I.
Tel.:(+876)9775921    Fax: (+876)9773619