Youth in Agriculture

Agriculture is important to the development of any nation – Jamaica being no exception. Development must include the youth of the country, and as such the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries seeks to encourage their participation in the sector. This effort will require changing the negative perceptions youths have of the major participants in agriculture, farmers, from that of uneducated, unskilled, physical labourers with extremely low economic returns. 

Agriculture is more than farming the soil and rearing animals. The sector offers career opportunities in research, environmental management, financial management, engineering and other technical areas.

'Youth in Agriculture' initiatives seek to introduce new technologies and knowledge to youngsters that will lead to:

  • Diversified, modern farming practices
  • New crop varieties and animal strains
  • Less soil pollution
  • Move to bio-energy
  • National food security
  • Reduction in rural-urban migration
  • Increased employment for young persons

Youth in Agriculture Initiatives: