Quarantine Conditions
Release from Quarantine

Owners and importers are responsible to pay all quarantine fees at the Veterinary Services Division when approval is given for the release of the animal(s). EFFECTIVE JANUARY 20, 2014, the fees are:




Fee/per animal/Day

Cats   $1000
Farm Animals
1-10 $700

10-20 $600

>20 $500
Horses   $2,500
Off-site quarantine fees- small animals  


Off-site quarantine fees- large animals  


Daily fees applied for boarding of animals for 14 day quarantine period.  Daily fees will automatically double in rate if animal is boarded beyond 14 days.


Animals not cleared from the Quarantine Station at the end of the specified quarantine period will be subject to payment of a quarantine fee of twice the stated amount.

Animals will not be released from Quarantine until Jamaica Customs requirements have first been fulfilled.

Imported animals may be subject to a Veterinary Landing Fee, which varies based on the time of day in which the animal(s) arrive at the Station, length of processing time and the type of animal.