Procedure for Exporting Horses

Horse close upExporting Non-racing Horses

  1. Apply for an Export Health Certificate.
  2. Present the import permit from the receiving country to the Quarantine Veterinary Officer.
  3. Make an appointment through the quarantine officer at the Veterinary Services Division.
  4. Present current vaccination records and animal identification records to the veterinary officer.
  5. At least 48 hours before departure, make an appointment with the quarantine veterinary officer to examine the animal to verify markings and ensure all requirements of the importing country are met. Specify date, time and location of where the horses will be available for inspection.
  6. If the requirements of the importing country are not met, the animal(s) will not be given an Export Health Certificate and will not be eligible for export.
  7. A fee of $2,000 is required for the export health certificate.
  8. On receipt of the export health certificate, owners must carry the necessary documents to the trade board for the issuance of an export license.
  9. On the date of departure a veterinary officer must be present.


Exporting Racehorses

For racehorses, please contact the Jamaica Racing Commission.