Procedure for Exporting Dogs and Cats

  • Apply for an Export Health Certificate at the Permit Office, Veterinary Services Division.
  • Present the import requirements of the importing country to a Veterinary Officer
  • If the requirements of the importing country can be met, an appointment is made through a veterinary officer at the Veterinary Services Division to inspect the animal(s). Appointments are scheduled 48 hours before the intended time of departure.
  • If the requirements of the importing country cannot be fulfilled, the animal(s) will not be eligible for export and will not be issued an export health certificate
  • The export health certificate is issued per animal at a cost of J$2,000.
  • On receipt of the export health certificate, owners must carry the necessary documents to the trade board for the issuance of an export licence.
  • The animal may be further examined on the day of export.