European Union Banana Support Programme

Project Components:


The six (6) traditional banana growing parishes in Jamaica: – St. Mary, St. Thomas, Portland, St. James, Clarendon, St. Catherine

Executing Agency:

Ministry of Agriculture& Fisheries

Implementing Agency:

Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)

Programme Funding:

The European Union

Project Duration:

The Programme will end in 2013

Overall Objectives:

The overall objective is to promote sustainable development in the traditional banana growing areas of Jamaica. This will be achieved by continuing support to banana production where feasible, stimulating the diversification of income-generating opportunities by promoting alternative agricultural and non-agricultural activities, whilst at the same time fostering strategic alliances that support the development of these rural areas.

Broad Objectives:

The overall purpose is the maintenance of living standards of farmers, farm and port workers and their communities in the traditional banana growing areas of Jamaica in the short-term, and their improvement in the long-term.


Target Population and Location:

  • Banana farmers; displaced banana farmers, farm and port workers affected by the scaling down of the Banana Export Industry; and their families
  •  Rural farming communities in St. Mary, Portland, St. Thomas, Clarendon, St. James and St. Catherine