Requirements for Agricultural Exports Packing House

To ensure that good quality, disease-free products are exported, all packing houses must conform to certain specifications in order to be certified for the packing of commodities for export. The inspection of these packing houses are done by the Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspectors.

Structural Requirements

  1. Building must be separate from a dwelling house, and of sound construction
  2. Floor space should be a minimum of 1000 sq. ft.
  3. Floor must be of concrete to facilitate washing after packing.
  4. Wall surface should be smooth and painted with light colour paint.
  5. building should have adequate lighting and electricity
  6. building should be constructed to facilitate adequate ventilation
  7. building should have proper roof and eve
  8. Building should be screened off to protect against entry of insects, birds, rodents, and other vermin or anything likely to contaminate the produce. E.g. Window screen


  1. there should be adequate internal drainage
  2. adequate external drainage to prevent backflow of water in operating area
  3. charcoal pit to facilitate disposal of chemical waste (recommended)

Operational Requirements
 Fixtures and equipment for an efficient packing house operation;

  1. washing facilities;  can be of Plastic, metal or concrete
  2. drying racks for curing fresh produce (slotted floor preferable wood)
  3. tables for sorting and grading (stainless steal recommended)
  4. Treatment/dip tank for treating fresh produce ( plastic, rubber or concrete)
  5. pallets, stools, knives, brushes, mops, brooms, squeegee, shovel, scales, tables,
  6. potable water
  7. There should be adequate space for loading and unloading of produce.

Storage Requirements

  1. suitable storage for  boxes, tape, staples, sawdust, chemicals
  2. adequate storage for finish product

Personnel Facilities

  1. staff Bathroom and hand wash station, and Fist Aid kit
  2. Changing room and Rest room and Lunch room
  3. Office and access to telephone

Sanitation Requirements

  1. waste disposal facilities; bins, skips etc
  2. Clean external environment free from any other activities that could be considered incompatible with the handling of fresh produce.
  3. interior operation area and personnel facilities hygienic


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