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Welcome back Roger Clarke and congratulations Ian Hayles
January 12, 2012

Hon. Roger Clarke, Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries and State Minister Ian Hayles

The Hon. Roger Clarke was re-appointed Agriculture and Fisheries Minister on January 6, 2012 by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, following the December 29 General Elections, and after shadowing that portfolio since 2007.

Minister Clarke who is a farmer himself is no stranger to the Ministry, having served as State Minister for Agriculture in 1992 for three years and in 1998 was appointed full Minister for the creditable work he had done in the sector. He served as Minister for Agriculture for a decade before the 2007 General Elections.

Mr. Clarke is once again back at the helm and it is his vision to enhance the country’s food security, promote rural development and create the environment to generate wealth for the nation’s farmers.

We welcome back Minister Clarke and congratulate State Minister Ian Hayles on his first appointment and wish both gentlemen well.