Production Cost - 2016

The cost of production estimates are used to guide and inform new and existing farmers as to the potential costs associated with various crops. These estimates originate from the Cost of Production Survey carried out by the Economic Planning Division annually. This survey covers 13 parishes and is conducted, usually at the start of the 2nd quarter of each calendar year or at the start of the fiscal year. The survey captures a wide range of crops of economic importance to the agricultural sector and evaluates the production costs for new and existing farmers in the sector.

The following Cost of Production estimates are actual survey results from farmers engaged in cultivating particular crops across the island of Jamaica in 2016. These results should not be construed as indicative of best practices or recommended practices for growing of these crops. The findings seek to present the economic circumstances under which Jamaican farmers in various extensions operate. It is important to note, however, that results may highlight crops that are being produced with a greater level of efficiency in some areas than others due to a multiplicity of cultural, economic and environmental factors.






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