Veterinary Services

The Veterinary Services Division oversees national health, animal status and welfare through its various services offered island wide. The Division operates a Diagnostic Laboratory services for the protection of the livestock industry; it certifies the health of animals; it is involved in the import/export inspection of live animals, meats and meat products; and it offers artificial insemination services for cattle, pigs and goats. The Ministry has revamped the Artificial Insemination Service (AIS) with the acquisition of a Liquid Nitrogen Plant for the safe storage of semen.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

  1. Microbiology
  2. Parasitology
  3. Virology
  4. Leptospirosis (testing)
  5. Serology
  6. Pathology
  7. Meat Residues
    1. Antibiotics
    2. Pesticides

Health Certification

  1. Live animals
  2. Meat, Fish and products of fish
  3. Meat Processing and Dairy Plants

Artificial Insemination:

  1. Bovine
  2. Pigs
  3. Goats

Inspection of Live Animals, Meat and Meat Products

  1. Airports
  2. Seaports
  3. Development of systems for the utilization of locally produced services of energy and protein or non-ruminant
  4. Use of rearing systems to improve animal productivity through reduced environmental stress and improved efficiency of fuel utilization.


  1. Proximate analysis (feed and forage samples)