Research and Development

The objective of the Research and Development Division is to generate cost-effective technology for improvement of agricultural production. The Division operates four sub-programmes, namely: Livestock Research and Improvement; Crop Research and Development; Plant Protection; and Post Entry Quarantine - with a view to applying modern technology to increase production and productivity.

A new thrust in Research and Development (R&D) has led to collaboration with international and regional entities involved in agricultural research. This is to effect greater efficiency and global competitiveness. To achieve these objectives the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries has embarked on a programme of resuscitation and upgrading of the three research stations at Bodles in St. Catherine, Orange River in St. Mary, and Montpelier in St. James.

Unit Functions


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Crop Research

Provide agronomic and technical information on various crops by

  • Seminars and publications
  • Individual farm visits
  • Provide planting material to farmers and companies involved in crop production
  • Provide soil-nutrient (N.P.K.) and pH diagnostics
  • Provide in-servicing training to CARDI and other agencies, with respect to the use of Caribbean Seed and Germplasm Resource Information Network software.

Plant Protection

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  • Pest identification
  • Diagnosis of plant health problems
  • Advise on plant protection matters

Regulatory Apiculture

  • Apiary inspection
  • Apiary registration
  • Exotic Bee Pest Control

Animal Nutrition and Feed Evaluation

  • Feed evaluation of ration formulation
  • Pasture agronomy and forage utilization

Animal Production Systems Research

  • Development of fodder management systems to optimally exploit the productive potential of livestock species.
  • Optimal employment of supplementary feeds based on an ever-increasing component of indigenous ingredients.